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Vectorization of logos and vector images for cutting plotter and sandblasting

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Vectorization of logos and images:

Our specialty is the vectorization of logos and commercial images for plotter cutting and sandblasting. We make vectorizations in black and white and in colors, both in flat colors and with gradients.

Our vectorization service gives printers and sign makers the optimal level they need for their work: vectorized logos with the highest level of technical quality where lines, angles and curves are perfect, without "teeth" or "jumps"in their paths.

We vectorize images of any kind from drawings or photographs, for use in posters, t-shirts and labels with the highest level of technical quality, in black and white or with flat colors. We deliver all our vectorization works in the vector format that you prefer, so you can open and edit it with your favorite graphic design program, both Macintosh and PC.+INFO

Custom vectorization of religious images

If you want to have a Vector Art just for you, we do. We create Vector Religious Images from photos, illustrations and pictures for use in vinyl cutting, sandblast masks, engraving and printing. We have 3 levels of detail to vectorize images and you can choose the level that makes your job easier and comfortable. +INFO

Vector religious images for plotter:

In these galleries are available a wide variety of religious vector images or allegorical to religion, ready to download. They are made in black and white, in solid blocks that make up the image with great fidelity to the original works of art. The tips and angles are rounded to facilitate cutting on the plotter and peeling, whether vinyl, masks for sandblasting or engraving. These Christian images are available in AI, EPS and DXF formats.+INFO


Symbols of Faith vectorized for plotter:

In this section are available images and elements that are considered symbols of the Faith. They have been specifically vectorized to be cut with a plotter and are available in AI, EPS and DXF formats. +INFO

Decorative vector art for cutting plotter:

In this section we have images and decorative elements of different styles, shapes and origins, such as floral motifs, Celtic ornaments, regional images, ornamental patterns, universal art images, etc. These images have been vectorized to be cut with a plotter, although they can be used in any other graphic system. Available in AI, EPS and DXF formats. +INFO

Vectorization of people's faces for cutting plotter:

The face of the loved one who is gone, engraved on marble, endures forever. We turn any photo into a vector image for recorded in metal, marble and other materials. We respect every characteristics of the face, simplifying for easy engraving. +INFO


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