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Decorative vector art for cutting plotter, sandblasting, engraving and printing


Fragment of decorative rosette for cutting plotter.

We have vectorized these decorative images and elements, to cut vinyl and sandblast masks in plotter, engraving and printing. Here are floral patterns, celtic ornaments, regional images, ornamental patterns and images of universal art, all made with adequate thickness and curves to be cut on the plotter without any difficulty.

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The Birth of Venus vectorized for cutting plotter and engraving.
Vector image of
The Birth of Venus

48 euros
Decorative rosette vectorized for cutting plotter and engraving.
Vector art of
decorative rosette

24 euros
Visigothic Fibula vectorized for cutting plotter and engraving
Vector of Visigothic
eagle fibulae

20 euros
Peacock with flowers vectorized for cutting plotter and engraving
Vector Art of
Peacock and flowers

24 euros
Vector image of Arabesque with tree shape for cutting plotter
Vector Art of

22 euros
Vector image of Celtic triskel for plotter cutting and engraving
Vector Art of
celtic triskele

22 euros
Rooster of Barcelos vectorized for cutting plotter and printing.
Vector image of
Rooster of Barcelos

24 euros
Vector image of David by Michelangelo for cutting plotter and engraving.
Vector image of
David by Michelangelo

36 euros

These decorative images and elements are High Quality PostScript format with the minimum number of nodes and its contours are smooth and soft, with no "jumps" in diagonal or curved lines so that you can use it in your plotter quickly and easily.

It can be edited, distorted, enlarged or reduced with any vector graphics program such as Illustrator, CorelDraw, FreeHand, FlexiSign, etc.

All these vector images are ready for use and you can download each one separately, for a small payment.

Available in AI, EPS and DXF.


Vector images available on this site are the property of Logo-arte.com and can not be sold or distributed by any person or entity other than Logo-arte.com.


Vectorización de imágenes religiosas a partir de fotos. Virgen original y vectorizada Vectorization of religious images from photos

If you want to have a Vector Art just for you, we do. We create Vector Religious Images from photos, illustrations and pictures for use in vinyl cutting, sandblast masks, engraving and printing. We have 3 levels of detail to vectorize images and you can choose the level that makes your job easier and comfortable.

Vectorización de rostros a partir de fotos. Foto original de rostro y rostro vectorizado.
Vectorization of faces from photos

The face of the loved one who is gone, engraved on marble, endures forever. We turn any photo into a vector image for recorded in metal, marble and other materials. We respect every characteristics of the face, simplifying for easy engraving.

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Vector of St. George and the Dragon:
Saint George and the Dragon vectorized for cutting plotter and engraving.

In the section of symbols of the Faith, is available the vector image of St. George slaying the dragon, in B&W for cutting plotter and in spot colors for printing. +INFO

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