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Custom vectorization of religious images for cutting plotter, engraving and printing


Image of Christ Pantocrator vectorized in colors only for printing.
Image of Christ Pantocrator vectorized in colors only for printing.

We can vectorizing religious images from photographs or drawings to be used in very specific graphics systems, for example we can vectorize the same image in 1 color for vinyl cutting, in various spot colors for silk screen, or in continuing colors and degradations for use in four-color printing.

We can vectorizing the same image in 1 color for vinyl cutting or laser engraving, in various spot colors to use in silk screen and embroidery, or in colors with degradations and continuous tones for use in offset and digital printing.

Religious image vectorized for engraving with sandblasting.
Vectorized image to be engraved in stone by sandblasting

Our images vectorized to cut in 1 color have continuous contours, without overlapping pieces or jumps on paths, and the angles are rounded to facilitate cutting and peeling back. Can also be used in screen printing and offset. These drawings can add colors with any graphics program.


Partial image of Jesus, vectorized for cutting plotter.
Partial image of Jesus, vectorized for cutting plotter.

Vectorized drawings for use in silk screen are realized in separate spot colors, with a slight overlap to facilitate the registration of the colors. It can also be used to cut color vinyls or offset printing without degradation or shades. These drawings can be added later colors and color gradients with any graphics program.

The drawings vectorized for use in offset can have many shades and colors degradations, its contours aren't continuous and can have many overlapping pieces, both shadows and lights. It can be used in offset and digital printing.


Vectorization options:

Opciones de vectorización
Click on the image to enlarge

From the same original image, we can create differents versions of vector image:

We can vectorizing in one color for laser engraving on metal, cutting plotter masks for sandblasting, for vinyl cutting acid to decorate crystals, for signs or printing in 1 color.

We can vectorizing the image in a limited amount of spot colors for silk screen, vinyl cutting and embroidery.

We can vectorizing the image colors for use in offset and digital printing.

This wide variety of options makes it necessary, when requesting a vectorization budget, to specify the graphic system and the number of colors to be used.

Examples of vectorized images in black and white, for cutting plotter.
Examples of vectorized images in black and white, for cutting plotter.

If you want to have a religious image vectorized just for you, we do. We create vector religious images from photographs and illustrations for use in vinyl cutting, engraving or printing.

When we vectorize religious images to cut sandblast masks, we give the vectorized image the level of detail you prefer for your work.

Level 1 - high

This level of detail is perfect for printing, engraving or cutting vinyl in large sizes. Vectorized image shows all the details, but your job, if you cut and peel thick vinyl, can be slow and difficult.

Level 2 - medium

At this level approximately 40% of the details of the image are lost, but much is gained in ease of cutting and peeling the material.

Level 3 - simplified

Only remain the main details and features of the image. The resulting image is very easy to peel or engraving. This is the best level of detail for small images.

Levels of detail to vectorize religious images.
Click on the image to enlarge.

Do you need to vectorize an religious image?

  • Send us the image to be vectorized.
  • We send you the quote of the vectorization.
  • If you approve the quote, we will send you a low resolution proof in JPG format for approval.
  • When you are completely satisfied with vector image, then you pay by credit card or Paypal.
  • After making the payment, we send the vector file to your email.



When sending a color image to request a quote, you must specify whether it is for cutting, engraving or printing to be used.



Our vector images is delivered in 2 formats:

EPS vector

This format can be modified with any vector graphics program, programs for cutting or digital print. If you prefer, we can give it to another vector format at no extra cost.

JPG (bitmap)

This format allows the image to be displayed on any computer and can be used on the web.

Vector Art for plotter:
Detail of the face of Venus in the vector art The Birth of Venus.

We opened the section of vector art for vinyl cutter, with a simplified version of the famous masterpiece "The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli. +INFO

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