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Templar Knights Medal vectorized for cutting plotter and engraving


Vector image of Templar Knights Medal for cutting plotter and engraving.
Vector image of Templar Knights Medal printing.
Vector images of Templar Knights Medal for cutting plotter, engraving and printing.

We have vectorized these images of Templar Knights Medal for cutting plotter, engraving and printing, taking into consideration the details of the original pieces and the factors affecting the performance of a cutting plotter, thus achieving a perfect balance between artistic aesthetics and technical needs.

Vector image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel showing the end points and corners rounded to facilitate cutting and peeling.
Tips and angles of this vector image are rounded to facilitate cutting and peeling.

This vector drawing of Templar Medal is PostScript format and has the least amount of nodes. Its contours are smooth and soft, with no "jumps" in diagonal or curved lines so that you can use it in your plotter quickly and easily.

This vector image can be edited, distorted, enlarged or reduced with any vector graphics program.

Available in AI, EPS and DXF formats.

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To download this image of religious faith click on the buy button. After making the payment, you will receive in the next 5 minutes the vector file with the 10 images of Templar Knights Medal shown below: 8 images in B&W for cutting plotter in AI, EPS and DXF, and 2 images in colors for printing in AI and EPS formats.

If you prefer these images in a different vector format, we'll send to your email at no extra cost.

Vector images of Templar Knights Medal available for download.
Vector images of Templar Knights Medal available for download.
Vector images of Templar Knights Medal available for download.

Vector images available on this site are the property of Logo-arte.com and can not be sold or distributed by any person or entity other than Logo-arte.com.


Download Procedure:

  • Click on the buy button.
  • Complete the payment process on Paypal's secure website.
  • In the next 5 minutes you will receive an email with a download link.
  • Click the link to download the file to your computer.

If you don't see the email with the vector file attached:

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If you buy an image outside our working hours, we will send you the vector file when we resume our activities.

Please note the time difference between your country and Spain.

Templar Knights Symbols

The Order of Solomon's Temple (Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon) used as official seal the image of two armed knights riding on a single horse, with the motto: Sigillum Militum Xpisti "Seal of the soldiers of Christ".

The meaning of the two knights on a single horse has been interpreted as a symbol of the Order’s poverty, but another theory points rather to that it represents the union and brotherhood that should exist between the knights of the Order of the Temple. The two knights who share the horse represent the first two masters of the Order: Hugo de Payns and Robert de Craon.

The other seal of the Templars has as its central image a temple with a large dome crowned with a cross. It is believed that it was the church of the Dome of the Rock, former mosque of Omar, which the Templars turned into their church.

Another well-known symbol of the Templars was the Templar Cross that also appears on its seal between the words XPISTI and SIGILLVM. This Cross was the authentic insignia of the Order and the one that distinguished them in their tunic and shield and that is seen being part of all their other symbols and seals.

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