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Vector images of dogs and cats for cutting plotters

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Optimized files to be cut in plotter

We have created these vector images of dogs and cats to be used in cutting plotters, milling machines, sandblasting, laser engraving, diamond engraving and monochrome printing on any graphic system. The animals have been carefully drawn in black and white, respecting their shapes and contrasts so that each pet looks as realistic as possible within the technical limitations imposed by a cutting plotter.

These vectors have been specially created to cut vinyls and masks for sandblasting in the plotter, so their paths are smooth, with soft curves, without points or angles that force the plotter blades to make abrupt changes of direction and can break the material.

They are vectorized in high quality PostScript, with perfect paths, without "teeth" in curves or diagonals and using as few nodes as possible so that the image processing is easy and fast, even with less powerful computers.

Scalable images:

These vector images can be modified, transformed, enlarged or reduced with the vector graphic design program of your choice, such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, FlexiSign or Photoprint, while retaining their perfect quality at any size.

Available in the following formats:

Religious vector art images available on this site are the property of Logo-arte.com and can not be sold or distributed by any person or entity other than Logo-arte.com.


Vectorization of animals and other images
Vectorization of animals and other images from photos for cutting plotter

We convert any image into vector art from photographs, whether they are pets, monuments, products, appliances or other raster drawings.

Vector art can be used for plotter cutting, sandblasting, engraving and printing. +INFO

Vectorization of religious art from photos
Custom vectorization of religious images

If you would like to have an exclusive religious vector image, we create it for you.

We create religious vector images from photos, illustrations or other images, for vinyl cutting, sandblasting masks, engraving and printing.

We have 3 levels of detail for vectorizing images and you can choose the one that suits you best and makes your work easier. +INFO

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