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Saint George and the Dragon vectorized for cutting plotter

Vector symbols of the Christian Faith

Vector color image of St. George killing the dragon for cutting plotter.
Vector image of St. George killing the dragon showing enlarged details.

Imagen vectorial en colores de San Jorge matando al dragón, para cortar en plotter e imprimir en serigrafía.

Vector color image of St. George killing the dragon for cutting plotter.

We have vectorized this image of St. George killing the dragon, in black and white and 8 colors, taking into account the physical details of the image and the factors that affect the performance of a cutting plotter, thus achieving a perfect balance between artistic aesthetics and technical limitations of the plotters.

San Jorge matando al dragón, vectorizado en colores separados para cortar en plotter.
St. George killing the dragon, vectorized in separate colors for cutting plotter.

The color image consists of 8 separate colors, ready to cut plotter or silkscreen printing. The colors have extra area to facilitate manual assembly vinyl or manual screen printing.

Tips and angles are rounded to facilitate cutting and peeling.
Tips and angles are rounded to facilitate cutting and peeling.

Image optimized for cutting plotter

These vector images of St. George are PostScript format and has the least amount of nodes. Its contours are smooth and soft, with no "jumps" in diagonal or curved lines so that you can use it in your plotter quickly and easily.

Expandable and reducible

It can be modified, warped, enlarged or reduced with any vector graphic design program: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, FlexiSign, Photoprint, etc., maintaining its perfect quality at any size.

Available in AI, EPS and DXF formats

Free download the test image in these formats,
to check if it works on your machine.

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The color image is vectorized in 8 separate colors, for vinyl cutting or printing.

If you prefer these images in a different vector format, we'll send to your email at no extra cost.

Vector images of Saint George available for download.
Vector images of Saint George available for download.

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Saint George

Saint George is a saint revered throughout Christendom.

His cult spread throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, becoming the patron of knights and soldiers, and protector of military religious orders.

Saint George, whose name was George of Cappadocia, was a Roman soldier, with Christian education, born in Cappadocia (now Turkey) between 275 and 281 AD and it became tribune and be part of the personal guard of Emperor Diocletian.

In 303, Diocletian ordered the persecution of Christians, Saint George refused to participate, then Diocletian ordered his torture and execution. He was beheaded front of the walls of Nicomedia on 23 April 303.

His remains are in the Church of St. George in Lod (Israel).

Saint George and the Dragon:

Legend has it that a fierce dragon, constantly attacking the city of Silca in Libya, demanded as a tribute to eat children, youth and women.

There came a day when the King had to give his daughter the dragon. The king, under pressure from the people, was forced to leave her outside the city walls for the dragon to take her.

It was then that St. George came, still a young officer, and seeing the beautiful princess crying with fear, he offered his help and protection.

When the dragon came out of the lake where he lived, San George is entrusted to God, he mounted his horse and managed to kill him, saving the princess. The subjects of the kingdom, in gratitude became Christians.

Traditional Stations of the Way of the Cross vectorized for cutting plotter
Traditional Stations of the Way of the Cross vectorized for cutting plotter

Vector images of the traditional stations of the Way of the Cross to be used in vinyl cutting and sandblasting masks, in engraving, serigraphy and printing. +INFO

Vectorization of religious art from photos
Custom vectorization of religious images

If you want to have a vector art just for you, we do. We create vector religious Images from photos, illustrations and pictures for use in vinyl cutting, sandblast masks, engraving and printing. We have 3 levels of detail to vectorize images and you can choose the level that makes your job easier and comfortable. +INFO

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