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Vector religious images for cutting in plotter and engrave



We have vectorized these religious images to cut vinyl or sandblast masks, engraving and screen printing, but also can be used in any printing system. It can be colored with any program of graphic design to look like the image above on page 1 of this catalog.

Click on the images to enlarge, read more or download it.

Vector image of The Holy Family for plotter.
Vector image of
The Holy Family

34 euros
Nativity of Jesus vectorized for cutting plotter and printing.
Nativity of Jesus vectorized

44 euros
Vector image of The Annunciation for cutting plotter and engraving
Vector image of
The Annunciation

46 euros
Vector image of Saint Paul for cutting plotter and engraving
Vector image of
Saint Paul

26 euros
Vector image of Saint Peter for cutting plotter and engraving
Vector image of
Saint Peter

26 euros
Vector image of Moses by Michelangelo for cutting plotter and engraving
Vector image of Moses by Michelangelo

34 euros
Vector image of Christ Pantocrator for cutting plotter and printing
Vector image of
Christ Pantocrator

34 euros

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These vector religious images are High Quality PostScript format with the minimum number of nodes and its contours are smooth and soft, with no "jumps" in diagonal or curved lines so that you can use it in your plotter quickly and easily.

They can be edited, distorted, enlarged or reduced with any vector graphics program such as Illustrator, CorelDraw, FreeHand, FlexiSign, etc. All these christian vector images are ready for use and you can download each one separately, for a small payment.


Available in AI, EPS and DXF.

Vector images available on this site are the property of Logo-arte.com and can not be sold or distributed by any person or entity other than Logo-arte.com.


Vectorización de imágenes religiosas a partir de fotos. Virgen original y vectorizada
Vectorization of religious images from photos

If you want to have a Vector Art just for you, we do. We create Vector Religious Images from photos, illustrations and pictures for use in vinyl cutting, sandblast masks, engraving and printing. We have 3 levels of detail to vectorize images and you can choose the level that makes your job easier and comfortable.

Vectorización de rostros a partir de fotos. Foto original de rostro y rostro vectorizado.
Vectorization of faces from photos

The face of the loved one who is gone, engraved on marble, endures forever. We turn any photo into a vector image for recorded in metal, marble and other materials. We respect every characteristics of the face, simplifying for easy engraving.

We accept payments through credit cards, debit cards and Paypal account.

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Religion in Vectors:

Working from recognized religious artworks that are universal, we create our own religious art in vectors.

We convert the original colors of the paintings and statue's volume in shadows, lights and lines: only black and white without intermediate shades. In every religious work, with great care we define the threshold that separates light from darkness, then we create masses and lineweights that simulate visually appropriate volume effects, so our vector images look like the original artwork, even being black and white.

We combine three factors in our work:

1. Ease and speed of cutting and peeling vinyl, thanks to the softness that we give to the contours of the image, both in straight and in curves, angles and rounded tips and vectors optimized with the fewest possible of nodes.

2. All our saints and virgins vectorized faithfully reflect the spirit of the original religious art, because both the facial features as the shapes and shadows of the costumes are scrupulously respected.

3. We created religious arts with our style, which has a similar aesthetic consistent in all our images. This allows users of our vectors, put together multiple images in the same area, without causing "visual shocks" due to difference of styles.

We are constantly vectorizing religious images to add to this website. If you are looking for a saint and not find it, please send an email

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